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ECOg - Dabasgāzes VRF sistemas

ECO G VRF Systems

ECO G gas VRF is specially designed for buildings where the electricity is restricted or CO2 emissions must be reduced.


The new Gas Heat Pump from Panasonic is the ideal solution for projects with electricity supply problems.
  • Operates with LPG or natural gas
  • Suits many applications due to large capacities (from 45 to 142 kW)
  • Operates up to -20°C, without losing any capacity and without defrost cycle
  • Can be connected to all indoor units and controls from Panasonic ECOi lineup
  • Panasonic GHP can also be connected to water heat exchanger for Chilled and hot water production
  • Unique discharge air temperature control to avoid too low supplied air temperatures
  • Discharge air temperature control to provide maximum comfort
  • Panasonic’s New Advanced VRF Software with AutoCAD® compatibility makes design easier than ever
  • The GHP help you to reach a high energy balance and cogeneration
The Panasonic GHP system is the right choice for efficient, green VRF solutions
As you would expect, all our gas-driven VRF systems have the highest reliability rates in the industry and a leading customer service programme. The torque and rpm control functions of the GHP’s motor are comparable with an inverter-type electric air conditioner.

Thus, the GHP ensures individual, and efficient control and performance - just as you expect from an electric inverter controlled air conditioner.
Easy to position
The advanced Gas Driven VRF systems offers increased efficiency and performance across the range.
Now more powerful than ever before, it can connect up to 48 indoor units.
Improvements include increased part load performance, reduced gas consumption with a Miller-cycle engine and reduced electrical consumption by using DC fan motors.
  • Up to 71 kW of cooling from a current consumption of 11.0 AMPs
  • Single phase power supply across the range
  • The option of natural gas or LPG as its main power source
  • A Water Heat Exchanger to connect to domestic hot water systems
  • 16–25 HP (2-Pipe units only)
  • Option of DX or chilled water for indoor heat exchange
  • Reduced CO2 emissions

ECO G and ECO G Multi benefits
  • High-efficiency operation
  • Lowest nitrogen oxide emissions
  • High performance
  • Excellent economy
  • Water chiller option
  • No defrost requirements
Easy to add additional units in the future
Load can easily be increased in the future by the addition of indoor and outdoor units without having to plumb pipe shafts. When specifying refrigerant pipe work, please choose the size according to the horsepower after the increase of units.
Example of a system. Added outdoor units. (Only for models with the same refrigerant.)
1. If there is a possibility for addition after setting up, please plan it so that the placement of a ball valve (sold separately) on a branch pipe on indoor/outdoor units is possible
2. Main pipe: Maximum gas pipe diameter 38,1 (1 1/2). Maximum fluid pipe diameter 19,05 (3/4)
3. Added indoor units. (Only for models with the same refrigerant.)
Maximum possible number of outdoor units to be combined: 2 units. Maximum horsepower of combined outdoor units: 50 HP. Maximum possible number of indoor units to be connected: 48 units(1). Indoor/outdoor units capacity ratio: 50%-130%(2).
1. When 2 outdoor units are connected.
2. Capacity of indoor units connection is: Minimum 50% of the capacity of the smallest outdoor unit within the system. Maximum 130%: total capacity of the system outdoor units. Indoor units are same as multi series for buildings.
System diagram: 1. Gas pipe / 2. Fluid pipe / 3. 4 Direction valve / 4. Heat exchanger / 5. Oil separator / 6. Oil-surface sensor / 7. Compresor / 8. Electronic control valve / 9. Outdoor units / 10. Indoor units
Saving Energy
  • Energy savings achieved by the Appropriate Capacity.
  • Equational Program Function.
Energy savings are achieved by the Appropriate Load Divider Function, which enables efficient operation by concentrating the cooling/heating capacity to one outdoor unit and stopping the other. Compared to conventional machines with a similar COP, this function allows energy savings and thus reduces the running costs, especially in part-load seasons like spring and autumn.
1. Up to this time / 2. W-Multi / 3. Load of around 10 HP (8 h operating) / 4. STOP / 5. Total operating hours: 16 hours / 6. Total operating hours: 8 hours
Non-stop operation, even during maintenance
  • System will not stop even during maintenance, due to Manual Backup Operating Function.
  • Maintenance is possible during weekdays because it can continue operating during maintenance.
  • Automatic Backup Operating Function enablescontinuous operation.
If one outdoor unit stops the backup function will automatically start on the remaining unit and continue operating. During service intervals, the system being serviced can be isolated by a closing valve in the outdoor unit, enabling continuous operation with the still operative outdoor unit.
1. Up to this time / 2. W-Multi / 3. System stops during maintenance / 4. Continuous operation under the maintenance / 5. Machine in need of maintenance (maintenance during holidays) / 6. Machine in need of maintenance (maintenance during weekdays) / 7. Backup
Long lifetime
  • Renewal period prolonged due to rotation function.
Rotation function, which is run from outdoor units with low operating time, will average the operating hours of each outdoor unit. This extends the periods between maintenance or replacement.
Example of the rotation function: 1. Operating hours: 2.100 h (unit 1), 2.050 h (unit 2) / 2. System startup. Only unit 2 is operating / 3. Operating hours: 2.100 h (unit 1), 2.053 h (unit 2). Load increased. Units 1 and 2 are operating / 4. Operating hours: 2.105 h (unit 1), 2.058 h (unit 2). Load reduced. Only unit 2 is operating. / 5. Realization of averaging operating hours
Ease of construction
  • By using common header pipe work the installation cost and time is significantly reduced.
By combining all pipes, which were needed for each indoor unit, into a common pipe in each system, the number of pipes are reduced by half* which leads to ease of construction. Furthermore, space of pipes within pipe shafts can be reduced by 2/3.* Combining all pipes, which were needed for each outdoor unit, into a pipe in each system. (Number of pipes is reduced by half). *System with approximately 40 HP (20 HP x 2 units)
Example of a system with approximately 40 HP: 1. Up to this time / 2. W-Multi

GHP + WHE heating, cooling and DHW.
The ECO G solution for gas boiler replacement
Excellent applicability when there is a thermal demand for heat, DHW and cooling, as well as additional thermal usages such as swimming pools, SPA, laundries: Hotels, sports centers, hospitals, gymnasiums, homes, shopping centers, etc.

GHP + WHE heating, cooling and DHW


Excellent applicability when there is a thermal demand for heat, DHW and cooling, as well as additional thermal usages such as swimming pools, SPA, laundries: Hotels, sports centers, hospitals, gymnasiums, homes, shopping centers, etc.

The ECO G solution for gas boiler replacement
  • Combined with a Water Heat Exchanger unit, the Panasonic GHP can create a flexible system, the ideal replacement for existing chiller and boiler systems in order to increase efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions.
  • Reused heat from the engine is an alternative to thermal solar energy
  • No defrost cycle
  • Super silent outdoor units
  • No glycol needed as the hydromodule can be placed in heated part of building
  • Keep existing water installation and fan coils
  • Oversizing is reduced by keeping the power at a low temperature.
  • No need for cooling towers
  • Electrical demand spikes or possible costs derived from investments in new electrical infrastructures are lowered.
Case Study, Hotel Application
35% Energy Saving
Example of Hotel renewal of existing Chiller and Boiler system with Panasonic GHP and Aquarea mixed solution.
GHP and Aquarea are the smart solution for renewal Chiller/Boiler applications with annual running cost savings around 13.600€.

1. Gas boiler / 2. Chiller / 3. Aquarea* / 4. GHP+WHE
* Electric to support pick of consumption on domestic hot water. ** COP including HSW (U-20GE2E8).
EER and COP calculated in primary energy.
With GHP outdoor units:
In heating mode, at very low outdoor temperature -21°C, the available power is maintained. No defrost cycle happens and stable heating comfort is guaranteed.
  • Hot water outlet temperatures from 35°C to 55°C
  • Chilled water outlet temperatures from -15°C to 15°C
  • Outdoor temperature range in cooling mode: -10°C to +43°C
  • Minimum outdoor temperature in heating mode: -21°C
ECO G Water Heat Exchanger. Mixed System Application
  • The GHP Multi System can have an indoor unit plus a GHP chiller. When the two systems are operated independently, an outdoor unit with 130% capacity can be connected
1. Outdoor unit / 2. ECO G chiller Water Heat Exchanger / 3. Buffer tank / 4. Control wiring / 5. Refrigerant piping / 6. Water piping / 7. Air handling unit / 8. Duct* / 9. Fan coil unit / 10. Floor heating
Note: The mode of running of outdoor unit depends on the Water Heat Exchanger’s mode. The water pump is not included in the Water Heat Exchanger unit. For simultaneous operation, however, the maximum capacity is 130%. Please inquire details of this system design of Panasonic. * Standard DX type indoor unit system.

Comparison of heating capacity
1. Heating capacity (%)
2. Gas heat pump (regarding models 16 and 20 HP)
3. Electric heat pump
4. Outside air temperature (ºC)
Comparison of the start times for heating operation
1. Room temperature (ºC)
2. Gas heat pump
3. Electric heat pump
4. Time axis (in case of the same load)
The Gas Heat Pump (GHP)
Panasonic Gas Heat Pump is the natural choice for commercial projects, especially for those projects where power restrictions apply. As you would expect, all of our Gas Driven VRF systems are designed to give the highest reliability rates. The GHP engine or (internal combustion engine) varies the engine speed to match the building load functions that are comparable with an inverter type electric air conditioner.

1. Exhaust
2. Fan
3. Accumulator
Power supply problems?
If you are short of electrical power, our gas heat pump could be the perfect solution:
  • Runs on natural gas or LPG and just needs single phase supply
  • Enables the building's electrical power supply to be used for other critical electrical demands
  • Reduces capital cost to upgrade power substations to run heating and cooling systems
  • Reduces power loadings within a building especially during peak periods
  • Electricity supply freed up for other uses such as IT servers, commercial refrigeration, manufacturing, lighting etc.

GHP Outdoor Heat Exchanger
Integrated DX and hot water coil / No defrost required / Faster reaction to demand for heating



Panasonic kondicionieri

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  • ECO i VRF sistēmas- A klases birojiem un komercobjektiem



Kompāniju Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd (tirdzniecības marka Panasonic) tālajā 1918.gadā dibināja Konosykэ Matsushita – kā vēlāk izrādījās, īsts japāņu menedžmenta ģēnijs. Tieši viņš izvirzīja kompaniju (vadīja to līdz 1976.g.) augsto tehnoloģiju produkcijas ražošanas pasaules līderos, savienojot vēsturiskās japāņu tradīcijas ar rietumu civilizācijas visaugstākajiem sasniegumiem.
Šodien Panasonic ir gigantiska korporācija, kura ir plaši pazīstama ar modernu un augsti tehnoloģisku produkciju.

Panasonic ieņem vienu no vadošajām vietām pasaulē gaisa kondicionieru izstrādē un ražošanā. Panasonic ir viens no pieciem lielākajiem kondicionieru ražotājiem pasaulē.Eiropas tirgū Panasonic ir viens no trijiem lielākajiem kondicionieru piegādātājiem , bet Skandināvijas tirhū Nr1.
2011 gadā korporācijas Panasonic 100 % īpašumā nonāca kompānija Sanyo.Tā rezultātā Panasonic kļuva par vienu no pasaules lielākajiem klimatisko iekārtu ražotājiem. 
Pietiekami pateikt, ka Panasonic ieņem pirmo vietu pasaulē kompresoru ražošanā (41 % no kopējā apjoma; 30 gadu laikā saražots vairāk par 200 milioniem kompresoru),
kas ir pats galvenais un vissarežģītākais jebkura kondicioniera mezgls.


Varat iepazīties ar Panasonic kondicionēšanas 2021.gada produkcijas pilno klāstu :






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SIA"RIKON AC' ir oficiāls Panasonic kondicionieru izplatītājs Baltijas valstīs.


1998.gadā Latvijā tika atvērts specializēts Panasonic kondicionieru servisa centrs .
Servisa centra galvenais uzdevums ir garantijas un pēcgarantijas servisa nodrošināšana visā Latvijas teritorijā !
17 gadu laikā Latvijā tika izveidots dileru un servisa centru tīkls.
Pateicoties tam Panasonic var nordošināt saviem klientiem augstākā līmeņa Panasonic kondicionieru servisu visā Latvijas teritorijā.

Klienta rīcībā ir sekojošās priekšrocības:

1. Speciālista bezmaksas vizīte klienta objektā, izvēlētā laikā (visā Latvijas teritorijā).
2. Kondicioniešanas sistēmas projekta un tāmes bezmaksas izstrādāšana vienas darba dienas laikā;
3. Visi Panasonic kondicionieri tiek piedāvāti tikai kopā ar uzstādīšu (kuru veic sertificēti meistari ar daudzgadīgu
    Panasonic kondicionieru uzstādīšanas un apkalpošanas pieredzi). Lai nepieļautu nekvalitatīvas uzstādīšanas iespēju!
4. Visi Panasonic kondicionieri tiek nodrošināti ar 5 GADU GARANTIJU visā Latvijā!
5. Panasonic kondicionieriem tiek veikta ikgadējā gatantijas un pēcgarantijas apkalpošana ;
6. Nepieciešamības gadījumā tiek veikts pēcgarantijas remonts.

Pateicoties šādai pieejai, Panasonic kondicionieri ieņem vienu no vadošajām vietām Latvijas kondicionieru tirgū. Piecpacmit gadu laikā mēs kopā ar mūsu dileriem esam pārdevuši ar uzstādīšanu vairāk par 7000 Panasonic kondicionieru. Katram kondicioniera patenciālam klientam tiek piedāvāti vairāki tehniskie risinājumi dažādās cenu kategorijās, no budžeta līdz ekskluzīviem risinājumiem.
Arī šodien praktiski visi Panasonic kondicionieri ir darba kārtībā pateicoties tam, ka šie kondicionieri ir kvlitatīvi uzstādīti un šiem kondicionieriem tika veiktas ikgadējās tehniskās apkopes.

Rezultātā jau 12 gadus Latvijā Panasonic kondicionieri tiek pārdoti ar 5 gadu garantiju, tāpat kā pārējās Eiropas valstīs.



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